How to Make Sure Your Online Store is Working

Why Have a Monitoring Contract for Your Online Store?

If your business website is in essence an online store than you heave what the professionals call an eCommerce website.  When you set up your site either by yourself or with a website design company you are possibly under the assumption that everything will go smoothly from then on, but sadly, that isn’t always the case.  Unless you are online 24/7 monitoring you website all the time you may not know that the pages aren’t loading properly or that the site is completely down.  What happens when your website is down is that you are losing regular customers and potential new ones.  Everyone gets frustrated with slow loading pages and they don’t feel real comfortable buying things when the site they are making their purchase on is acting up.

If you set up your online store with a professional website design company they could have set you up with a monitoring company as part of your deal, so you will probably receive an email from that company that your website is down and that’s about all they will tell you.  It’s good to know but it doesn’t do you much good if you are not capable of getting it back up.  So what to do with the information? First I suggest that you try to go to your online store and confirm that it is down or working improperly.  Then you should go to your web hosting company to see if they are experiencing difficulties and if they have no suggestions for your dilemma, then you would want to go to your website designer for their help.

If when you signed up with your designer you didn’t have a contractual agreement for instant response and repairs when something goes wrong, you are in for a rude awakening.  You are now facing days of lost business and the hassle of getting yourself set up with a company that will be there for you to fix the problems as soon as they happen.  If you are successful in finding a good monitoring and fixing company, by all means get them under contract and make sure the particulars are all there in writing.  No online store will be profitable when it is down.

Once you have the right people working to restore your online store you will have to have to be patient and just resolve yourself to the fact that you are losing business and money while it is down.  It may not take just the push of a button a couple keystrokes for them to get you back up and running.  They will be working diligently to get things fixed for you.  If it turns out that your site wasn’t set up right in the first place you might have to think about finding another website designer to redo the whole thing.  This might seem like an extreme action, but if it means your site will always be up and running properly, then it will be worth the extra time and cost.

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