How to Work With Your Web Designers

Your Web Designer and You.

After you have chosen a company of web designers you want to represent your company, you will have to learn how to communicate and work with them.  Don’t expect outlandish, one of a kind web pages if you are only spending the minimal amount for your website.  Discuss you ideas with the crew and they will let you know if they are feasible with your package or it they take a great amount of skill and hard work and maintenance to display.  Be willing to compromise and do a lot of the prep work they need.

Most good web designers turned their love of design into a business because they have a knack for designing exciting websites and to make money.  Many of the websites they design are just basic, functional websites that work just fine for their owners, but if you have an edgy idea you would like to see on your website, tell your web designers about it.  If it is something that they can do, they’ll let you know and what the cost will be.  If the idea you want them to do is something they have done before, then they will have a template to work with.  If your concept is brand new, there will be much more time and effort needed to design the pages, so it will cost much more than standard stuff.

After presenting your ideas and content to the web designers, you will be given an idea of how much time it is going to take to make everything come together.  Between the two of you a tentative launch date will be set.  This is something you should realize is not a date set in stone.  Any changes you make while the designers are setting up the sight will usually take about 2 days.  A medium sized change or a great big change can add weeks onto the design time.  If all things go smooth and the site comes together as planned you can move the launch forward.  Just make sure you and the web designers have the same thing in mind when it comes to the deadlines.

After the site has been launched and you are hopefully starting to see traffic and business you want to keep your site fresh and alive.  I believe that call it Evergreen.  It will be up to you and your web designers to decide who will be writing and providing the new information and updates to the site.  The more you are doing yourself, the lower the monthly maintenance cost will be.

Look to your web designers as you smarter partners in this business venture.  While you know what it is you want said on your website, they are the ones who know how to get it said, how to get people to see you and how to get customers to buy your product, services or ideas.  The company you hire will take your dream and make it into a reality if you only let them and help every way they ask you to.

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