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There are many reasons that WordPress has become the most popular content management system and blogging platform on the Internet. The software that supports this website and blog platform is simple enough for beginners to learn, but it is powerful and dynamic enough to support very complex sites. Additionally, you can find thousands of different themes and plugins, so your site can become almost anything you can visualize.

Your WordPress Site Deserves The Right Host

However, WordPress is not perfect, and you will find your experience will vary depending upon the WordPress hosting that you choose. You need hosting you can depend upon to stay running smoothly twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. A fast, secure, and reliable WordPress Hosting company can help your site grow, give your visitors a better experience, and make the difference between failure and success.

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At 101 Web Designers, Our WordPress Hosting Packages Include Everything You Need

We pride ourselves of offering the perfect hosting packages that will help you build, design, and maintain your own WordPress website. This is true if you want a small site with a few pages, or if you choose to grow your site into a very popular Internet destination with dozens of features and thousands of different pages.

We offer these features with every single hosting plan:

    • Setup is fast and completely free.
    • Our hosting is simple to use for beginners, but it includes powerful options for power-users.
    • You can choose from a variety of different plans and options, and these range up to hosting plans that offer unlimited storage and bandwidth users.
    • You can start small and increase your plans as your site grows.
    • Our hosting company is committed to service and satisfaction, and that is why we offer phone, email, and online chat support twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. It’s never too late or too early to contact us for help.

Our Advanced Hosting Plans and Costs

We hope to please you with our reliable hosting services, and we also bet that you will be amazed by our affordable prices. Everything you need to host your WordPress or other website is included in our affordable website hosting packages, and you are free to upgrade at any time if you need a more robust solution with more bandwidth and storage.

These are the 101 Website Designers hosting plans:


This affordable and budget-friendly plan. That’s right, you can enjoy an entire year of hosting for less than the cost of taking your family out for lunch. This plan includes 10 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 100 email accounts, and it is suitable to host one website.


For just a little extra money, you can give your online business room to expand. You get to host an unlimited number of different website domains. You also enjoy unlimited bandwidth, so you can serve as many visitors as possible. Additionally, 150 GB of space gives your site plenty of room to grow in the future. Since this plan allows you to have 25 separate databases, it can hold up to 25 WordPress sites.


Are you ready to begin your online empire? If so, why not try our unlimited website, bandwidth, and hosting plan? It also includes 1,000 email accounts and an unlimited number of databases.

These Features And Benefits Are Included With Each Of Our Hosting Plans

In addition to the basics, we want to make sure that we give our clients all of the features that they are likely to ever want or need. That is why we have taken the trouble to include a lot of different features with each plan.

Each plan includes:

    • Free advertising credits
    • The latest software updates
    • Thousands of free themes and plugins
    • Daily backups and FTP access
    • More…

Why Make Us Your New WordPress Host?

You cannot discount the importance of website security these days, and you should know that we provide 24/7 site monitoring and control for each of our customers. This way you can ensure that your hard work will not get lost, and your site visitors can have a safe and enjoyable experience.

We also don’t have any hidden extra charges for services. Your website storage, bandwidth, email accounts, and databases are all included in your hosting package. So is 24/7 website hosting support. You will find that some very well-known hosts seem like they offer affordable plans, but once you get charged extra for email accounts and support, they do not work out to be cheap at all.

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