A Website Designer Cannot Make Miracles Happen.

What a Website designer can’t do.

Almost everyone in business these days knows the smart thing to do if your want to make your business grow is to hire a website designer to help design the perfect website for you.  When someone hears you don’t have a website, they give you a funny look, like they are wondering what century you are living in.  They might have a point.  Online business is huge and almost everyone starts to look for what they need online.  Getting your service or product out there for the whole world to see is vital for many types of businesses.

When you make the decision to hire a website designer, you have got have realistic expectations.  What you w meant and believe you need might not be right, and there aren’t any website designers that can make miracles happen.  The many choices you will have for your type of business will be laid out for you by your new associates.  If you try to act all savvy and cool talking about using blogging or social media integration complete with contact forms and you are promoting a doggy salon, unfortunately there will be very little interest in your bells and whistles.  Mostly people searching for a dog groomer need an address, the hours you are open and what services you offer.  It doesn’t take a huge splashy website to get that information out there.

You might get a few customers to fill out the contact form, but who wants to go online to check for an appointment time.  Seeing your page on My Space or Facebook or Twitter might be exciting at first, but good old fashioned word of mouth is what gets customers into small Mom and Pop type businesses.  Those that follow you on Facebook or Twitter are probably close friends and family members who already know all about your business.  A website designer just can pull a rabbit out of his hate if you are expecting a site that will quadruple your business.

If you are using a website designer to promote your business and all its services just so you can be up with the current times, then your website will be more of a tribute to you and your ego.  Think long and hard about how you view different types of websites.  Do you get frustrated wading through all the extra fluff and stuff to get to the main point?  Have you ever just given up on your research because the site was too full of extras for you to find the basic info?  You will end up with a site just like that if you insist you website designer go all out in setting up your site.  Try to skip all the bells and whistles if you are a simple service business you want to draw people to your site.  They just to know how to find you and what time you will be open, so go simple, give your important statistics first and then if you want to fancy things up with a blog or new styles and looks and articles about how to groom the fidgety dogs, then go for it.

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