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If you were ever interested in starting your own business website, you probably know that behind every successful website there is a solid and reliable web hosting solution. In the beginning, when a website is new, very cheap web hosting plans can be just fine. The problem appears when the website starts to grow, its traffic increasing to the limit that makes the current hosting solution ineffective because of the limited server resources. The transition to a superior plan can be a problem, as interruptions may occur, thus causing you to lose a few customers.

Why Cloud Based Hosting Solutions Are Better

There is a solution to the previously described problem: to go for cloud based web hosting plans from the very beginning. The so-called cloud infrastructure allows a website to automatically take all resources it needs from the server, without the webmaster having to upgrade their plan manually. This means that in case one of your articles becomes viral over night, you can rest assured this won’t bring your site down as it often happens in case or regular hosting solutions.

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Advantages of Cloud Infrastructure

    • Automatic allocation of additional server resources in case of traffic spikes
    • Monitored server resources usage, so that a website owner only pays for what they use and not more
    • Real-time load-balancing of the servers cluster, which distributes resources according to the needs of every website hosted on that server
    • Smaller price compared to dedicated servers, in similar conditions of performance, loading speed and other characteristics

Why Choose 101 Web Designers As Your Web Hosting Provider

State-of-the-Art Features and Solutions

All cloud based web hosting plans from 101 Web Designers are reliable and fully packed with useful features that will make you never think about other web hosting solutions ever again. They all come with unlimited bandwidth, website statistics, daily backup, Google Webmaster Tools integration and one click setup. All plans benefit from webmail, e-mail privacy and protection with 256-Bit encryption, DNS management, SSH access, cron jobs, 24/7 phone support and many other features that make cloud hosting from 101 Web Designers one of the best in its class.

Additionally, the Deluxe and Ultimate plans come with the One-click mobile site solution, which is a very useful tool, taking into consideration the increasing number of users that access the web from their mobile devices.

No Long-Term Commitment Agreements

Moreover, by choosing 101 Web Designers as your hosting provider, you won’t be forced into entering a long term agreement as it happens in many other cases. For the basic Economy plan, a 3 month contract is enough to get your website up and running. The other two plans only require a minimum purchase length of one month. This is perfect for webmasters who like to test before they buy. You can simply go with one of these plans for one month, to see how your website behaves. If you are happy, you can then choose to enter a longer term agreement, if so you wish. In this case, you’ll benefit from additional discounts from 101 Web Designers. It’s worth taking a closer look to this facility, because it could help you save money.

No Interruptions or Downtime

Another feature that makes 101 Web Designers a great choice is the fact that the capacity of your hosting plan scales at no additional cost for you, should you be faced with large traffic increases. Another important benefit is that in case of a server crash, the website will continue to stay up and running, thanks to their proprietary Dynamic Traffic Management solution.

Easy Setup and Administration

Many webhosting companies target customers that are computer-savvy, therefore allow them customize their web hosting account as they wish. The average webmaster will have a very hard time in setting up his websites on such a server, because he will need specific technical knowledge and skills.

This is not the case with 101 Web Designers. Our web hosting accounts are designed for everyone, so you’ll find everything you need in your account to put your website up and manage it properly without the need of any additional help. Nonetheless, our skilled technicians are available for you 24/7, so you may contact them with anything you aren’t sure you know how to do. They will give you all instructions you need, so that you can forget about the technical side and just focus on growing your business and managing your customers.

This unique combination of advanced technology, affordability and ease of use make the cloud based hosting plans from 101 Web Designers the perfect choice for a wide range of online business owners who need their websites running smoothly at all times, without having to learn complicated things about servers, programming, databases or other similar topics.

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