Web Design: Stand and Deliver

It amazes me how many people find the complex art of web design, fun. I for one, find it scary, foreign and a task I would never have imagined I could do, or would ever have any reason to design a website. But since I am writing this story, it will be a “do as I say, not as I do” narrative.

I am going to speak for those how find the whole process from beginning to end fun, challenging and exciting. I know exactly what the purpose of a website is and I do know how to go about making a striking new website from fluff to making serious bank. A business owner want a site that upon first glance the reader is immediately grabbed by something unexpected and then they eye is directed right to the heart of the matter. You business site sole purpose is to: “Show ‘em what you got and why they gotta have it.” to borrow an old “Dr. Tonic And His Traveling Medicine Show. You have got to wow them and leave them wanting more, so they follow the site through to the shopping list.

The more the average visitor to your site takes with them, the more of you is out there to be introduced to more potential customers.

You are on your way to a successful venture if you are designing a website using User-centered web design. Sure a pretty new face can draw them in but if it isn’t user friendly to all the different visitors using a growing number of different devices and social networks while being easily navigated. You have got to have the whole package. It isn’t difficult to find Web Design specialists who offer exciting, eye catching designs and sophisticated layouts. They may also see your vision of the greatest website every made, you can they develop it into a profitable website with search engine optimization and a steady stream of traffic to your doorstep. You have to stay abreast of the latest trends and social networking strategies. You do this by visiting and learning from your competition. When you have seen enough ideas then it’s time to ask to see mock up and site layout proposal. If this is what you like, it is time to talk turkey. Cost time to complete, site updates and a contract putting everything down in writing isn’t all that common, but if they are willing to guarantee their work, they are good. This will be money well spent.

The attention getter of the day is Flash. It is not the Web’s standard for outstanding website animation. Their ideas are fresh innovative and always ahead of the others. It is the best and it’s the way to go these days to get their attention. Flash may well be the most exciting application to hit web designs. Flash is just about animation, but it is fabulous when applied to the other forms of media. What visitors see when they open a flash site will dazzle and amaze them, but if you have slow leading pages losing the attention and interest of your guest.

While you are developing your web design keep the idea deal of having a good balance between text and glam. If you find you have a site that is mostly show and little real information of value to the potential customer. I am one of those people who are disappointed in a website that is “all fluff and no stuff.”

Were you aware of the fact that will have to decide on a level of seduction for your website? Yes, let’s just call it what it is. The designer’s of the more exotic of sites with their smooth talking and all of those exciting “click me “ links just draw you deeper and deeper in the lair.

This is what you want. If your creative genius can accomplish this and set up a smokin’ hot home page that jumps out and grabs them from the start, you are 2/3 of the way home. The ultimate test comes when decide on which style you want. Until recently the color and music on a site was given more thought than quality and context of the information they contained. Things have certainly started to swing the other way. Google indexed sites that are at the top of the search engine pages are the runaway success stories and it sure isn’t luck that gets them there. It is dedicate hard work and constant revising and adding new timely information that is favored by the search engine giants.

An outstanding web design is the only acceptable final outcome, since you have invested all this time, money and energy in to your venture. This infant mega-industry is an exciting ride whether you are a designer or the client. Things are changing faster that ever imagined, and if you can keep up with the rest of the world then you are bound to rise to the task and become a website business to be reckoned with.

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