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Virtual Private Servers Are Perfect For Growing Companies

Virtual Private Server

If your website has outgrown shared hosting, but you do not want to commit the resources to manage your own server, a virtual private server, or VPS, might be the perfect solution for your growing company. Of course, your startup company might be prudent to just begin with a VPS in the first place, so you know that you will always have room to grow.

VPS Vs. Shared Hosting

Typical shared hosting plans might seem cheap, but they always have several disadvantages no matter how well the shared hosting servers are run. Consider some of these disadvantages and keep in mind that sometimes a VPS will work out to be less expensive in the long run depending upon how you plan to use your hosting.

    • Your site’s performance might always be at the mercy of other websites that run on the same server because you share resources.
    • You will be limited to the shared host’s operating system, architecture, and installed software.
    • Many shared hosts even throttle email, or limit the amounts of emails you can send per hour.

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How Is A VPS Different?

Even though you still might run on the same physical server as other websites, your portion of that server is set up as its own private server. In other words, for all intents and purposes, your virtual server performs just like you had your own server. Of course, you won’t have all of the headaches of actually having your own physical server because you can still leave monitoring, installation, and troubleshooting to us!

This means that you have the option of running multiple websites without buying extra extra hosting plans, and this can actually save you money. It is also much easier to manage multiple websites on one VPS account, and this can save you time and money.

    • Select your own operating system: CentOS and Fedora are two robust versions of Linux. Windows hosts are also available.
    • Choose your control panel: Cpanel® or Parallels® Small Business Panel or Parallels® Plesk Panel are options.
    • Enjoy admin and root access: You are free to install what you need on your own VPS.
    • Manage multiple sites from one convenient place with an intuitive control panel.
    • Choose site backup options.

Who Benefits From VPS Hosting?

You will be surprised at the number of things that you can use a VPS server for. Of course, you can host a very high-volume website for your business. If you run an online business, you can choose to host an almost unlimited number of sites with one account.

You can even use your VPS for virtual gaming or to begin your own hosting business where you sell hosting to others. If you are a web designer or run another business where you offer sites or hosting to others, a VPS account is a great way to go. You always maintain the appearance of having your own high-performance web server, but you eliminate most of the headaches.

VPS Hosting Is Affordable

You will probably be surprised by how much you can buy with your money when you choose to use a VPS hosting service. Prices start at little more than many shared hosting services, but you get so much more in terms of performance, bandwidth, storage space, and control. When you choose our VPS hosting plans, you also get the assurance of knowing that your site is hosted at our world-class data center and overseen by expert technicians who monitor everything 24/7.

VPS Hosting Gives You Value

Every VPS plan includes everything discussed above. Consider some more highlights of signing up with us:

    • 24/7 Support by email, phone, or web
    • Fast installation of your VPS
    • Hosting at a world-class data center
    • 24/7 security and monitoring, plus professional anti-hacking systems
    • FTP access

When you choose one of our hosting plans, it appears as if you are running your own server both to the people who run your websites and the outside world. Your account is your own private domain, and it cannot be seen by other accounts either. You get all of that with the knowledge that you are not really alone because our trained server technicians are no farther away than an email, phone call, or web message.

Start Enjoy Our Virtual Private Servers Today

Most of the successful business people who take advantage of our VPS hosting have a lot of better things to do than babysit a server 24/7. All you have to do is simply select your options and set up your account with us. We handle everything else. Why don’t you start enjoying the convenience, control, reliability and affordability of our VPS shared hosting today? After you do, you probably won’t remember why you ever considered regular shared hosting.

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