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What Is Online Storage?

With Online Storage you can backup all the data on your computer and store it on the Web.  As more and more data is generated daily while using your computer, it becomes important to find secure and efficient methods to store large amounts of information in an organized way.  A website for Online Storage offers such a safe place,  where you can  keep anything on your computer, from documents to pictures, in the Cloud.  This is done through a server, connected to the internet, which allows you to store, share and access your files without the encumbrance of external drives.

Online Storage will meet all your data storage requirements, allowing you to efficiently manage your files, documents,  application data, and file sharing, in a convenient and easy way.

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Advantages of Online Storage

It is essential to make use of backups for data recovery to restore your lost documents and software in the event of a hard drive crash. Storing data on a remote computer has several advantages:

  • Large Online Storage Capacity

Online Storage provides you with a remote drive to store large amounts of data which can be accessed anywhere in the world.

  • Unlimited File Sharing

    • With Online Storage you can share files with family, friends and co-workers, as often as you like, with as many people as you like.
    • With Online Storage you can use links to files you would like to share, bypassing email attachment limits, thereby eliminating annoying undelivered emails.
    • Using Online Storage, you can create sync folders in multiple locations and collaborate with other people on the same file.
  •  Easy Online Storage Management
    • Share any file stored in the cloud with anyone else, even if they don’t use Online Storage.
    • View your files with a choice of four options:

Film Strip

    • Visual media can be viewed with a built in video viewer.
    • Transfer and share multiple files with one easy action.
    • Use the Drive Map tool to edit and view data stored in Online Storage.
  • Automated Online Storage Backups

Automatically download or upload information via DSL to the Online Storage database when the computer is not in use, using automated backup utilities included in the operating system.  This frees computer resources, allowing you to work while data uploads are being processed.

  • Seamless Integration

    • Team up with other “101 WebDesigners Workspace” products such as:

Email Plans
Online Calendar

    • Share files with other people by accessing your “101 WebDesigners Email” address book.
    • Add attachments to your emails with the built-in button to retrieve files from Online Storage.
  • Secure Backups With Online Storage

    • Backup your data easily and safely to Online Storage manually or on automated schedule.
    • Enjoy peace of mind that your files are kept safe with a 256 bit AES powerful encryption,  while being transferred to and from your computer.
    • With the Online Storage ‘Sync Tool’, you can update files automatically between multiple computers daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Easy Recovery From Anywhere In The World

If your laptop crashes while travelling, you can download your backups from Online Storage wherever you are.  Several uploaded backup versions will allow you to choose which backups to use for file recovery.  Online Storage makes your backup data available to you, even if your online server fails. Even if your laptop is stolen or your hard drive destroyed in an accident, your valuable backed up data will be safely stored on Online Storage and can be accessed from another computer or restored at any time.

  • Easy Of Access With Online Storage

Choose the way you would like to access your files:

Drag and drop photos, files and documents to your Online Storage folder using the ‘Online Storage Drive Map’ tool, compatible with Mac and Windows.

Store, retrieve or share anything with other people.

Transfer your files, via your preferred FTP client, to and from your Online Storage Account.

Online Storage Features

  • Easy drag-and-drop file transfers
  • Scheduled Backups
  • File Editing
  • Secure and safe storage
  • Unlimited public sharing
  • Unlimited account to account sharing
  • Sync between multiple computers
  • Multiple file downloads and uploads
  • Zip and unzip facility
  • File upload capacity up to 2GB
  • High resolution slideshow and image viewer
  • FTP Support
  • File editing tool

Choose The Online Storage Plan For You

  • Economy

    • Manual and automatic backups
    • Unlimited sharing facility
    • 10 gigabyte storage space
  • Deluxe

    • Manual and automatic backups
    • Unlimited sharing facility
    • 100 gigabyte storage space

If your storage requirements are not that large, the Economy Plan, at a low monthly rate of approximately $1.70 per month will give you up to 10 gigabytes of Online Storage space.

For large data and application storage, the Deluxe Plan, at approximately $2.50 per month provides a huge 100 gigabyte storage capacity.

For peace of mind, store your data in the Cloud with Online Storage, and enjoy easy file synchronization and unlimited file sharing. Online Storage can be accessed via the Web, Mac or PC.

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