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With the latest advancements in technology, you can now throw out that old and outdated fax machine. With online fax you can take advantage of sending faxes directly from an Email. Additionally you will be able to either receive or send faxes, using a unique number that will be allocated to you over the Internet.

When you receive a fax, you will be notified and receive the contents directly to your inbox located in your email address. When you want to send a fax you will be provided with two options. The first will be sending your fax directly from your email or you will be able to login to a site that allows you to send instant faxes.

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Why You Should Switch To Online Fax Today

    • With your personal fax number you will be able to save on costs related to landlines, maintenance and installation of a traditional fax machine
    • The online fax system allows you to eliminate paper that contributes to a greener environment
    • Two simple and easy methods you can use to send a fax, one will be directly from your email, or using the site that you will be provided with login details
    • You can easily add on an attachment to your email, such as a document or pictures from anywhere Online or a file that you may have stored on your computer
    • You can benefit from not having to pay for each fax that you send and have the option to choose a plan to suite your requirements

Below Are Some Of The Plans Available To You When You Invest In Online Fax

  • Toll Free Plan

This plan will give you an area code that uses 800, 866 or 888. You are able to receive and send faxes directly from your email, and the faxes can accommodate 20MB. There are three options to choose from which will include:

Which will give you 150 pages a month

Up to 300 pages in a month

Up to 600 pages in a month

  • Standard Plan

You will be provided with a fax number that is local to your area, and your faxes can be received or sent from email. The faxes sent can reach 20MB in size and you are able to choose from:

Which allows you to send up to 150 pages within a month

Will include 300 pages for a month

600 pages per a month

The Plans That Are Currently On Offer Will All Include The Following Benefits:

    • Your own personal fax number
    • You are able to send any type of file from any device that supports an internet connection
    • The ability to fax to more than one number simultaneously
    • Twenty four hour support which is provided for free
    • You can block numbers that you do not wish to receive faxes from

Online fax is a system that does not require a landline or a machine in order to fax, the system allows for a wonderful benefit in saving on time and costs. Faxing has never been this versatile before and requires very little effort on your part. The paperless system allows you to maintain privacy and save the need for paper which adds costs every month.

When you invest in your own online fax plan you will be provided with detailed instructions on how to setup your fax. The system comes along with a Wizard that allows you to create your own personal cover sheet within three easy and fast steps.

One of the main advantages of online fax is that you are able to send a fax from any device that has access to the Web. The system allows you to track every email from either your outgoing or incoming faxes, so you never have to worry about misplacing an important document again. In addition you can benefit from the quick reference capabilities that allow you to select a previous number for a faster sending process.

Online fax enables you to maintain privacy as the login account used for faxes provides you with your own private, personal and unique number. This method of faxing ensures that your business stays your business as you will no longer have documents lying around.

In addition online fax offers you with various other services that are known as Workspace Products. These will include online storage, calendars and email in order for you to obtain the best out of your faxing experiences.

Invest in online fax today and reap the benefits of being able to send or receive a fax anytime of the day from any device that connects to the Web.The system allows you to send the same fax to a multitude of people at the same time. Progress to the new way of faxing today.

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