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Most online business owners understand the importance of SEO, but there is much more to growing a business than simply having a presence in the search engines. SEO helps to make your website more visible to people who are actively seeking your services, but it does not create demand. If you truly want your business to succeed, you need to look beyond SEO and consider more pro-active forms of online marketing, such as social media and email marketing.

Email marketing lets you reach a huge audience of prospective customers who have expressed an interest in your products and services. In the world of traditional retail, the people who are subscribed to your mailing list would be classified as warm leads. They know who you are, and they are mildly interested in the products or services you have to offer. With the right email marketing techniques, you can make those warm leads hot ones, and then turn them into conversions.

Researchers agree that consumers need to see a brand name 10-12 times before it sticks in their mind. You cannot guarantee that consumers will see your banner ads or come back to your blog of their own accord. If you get a user to subscribe to your mailing list, however, you can plant the seed of brand loyalty into their brains through repeated exposure to your marketing message.

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Cost Effective Promotion

Email is, in the long term, the most cost effective promotional tool for online marketers. Once you have acquired email subscribers, sending out mails to them does not cost you anything – an email costs the same amount of money to create whether it goes out to one person or one thousand. Each time an email subscriber is exposed to your brand, they become a little more likely to purchase something from you. On average email marketing returns around $40 for each $1 that you spend on it. Combine your email strategy with a good social media strategy and you can increase the return on investment even further.

Getting Started With Email Marketing

At 101 Web Designers, we have email marketing packages to suit all kinds of business. Our packages can help you to stay in touch with your customers, offer subscriber-only rewards and discounts, track engagement and conversions, and make your business as successful as possible.

  • Our packages include:

    • The ability to handle a large number of subscribers
    • Send unlimited emails
    • Survey creation tools
    • Ready-made email templates
    • Social marketing features
    • Real-time campaign statistics
  • Powerful Monitoring and Management Tools

Few people get marketing right the first time they try to run a campaign. That’s why at 101 Web Designers we offer so many tools to help you improve your marketing campaigns. Every marketing package comes with 160 tried and tested email templates, along with a library of more than 20,000 professional looking images to use in your messages. Our email editor is easy to use, even if you aren’t a skilled designer, and our list management tools make it simple to import subscriber lists from other services, schedule emails and handle bounces and other errors.

Every package also comes with a detailed reporting tool that lets you see how many times your emails have been opened, how many times your links have been clicked, and how long people have stayed subscribed to your lists. You can even use the list segmentation feature to run different offers for different groups of subscribers.

  • Going Social

In addition to sending out messages to your email subscribers, our powerful control panel lets you send announcements to the main social networks too. Update Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even MySpace all from one screen, and track the response rate from those services as well as from your emails. The Internet is a big place, and it doesn’t make sense to limit your audience. Take advantage of our social media marketing features to enhance the reach of your brand, and draw new subscribers into your mailing list at the same time.

  • Simple Surveys

The customers that subscribe to your mailing list are some of the most valuable advocates that your brand has. Take advantage of their dedication and loyalty by creating surveys using our simple tool, and sending those surveys out to your subscribers. Generate detailed reports, and reward customers that responded to your surveys, all from within our simple interface.

Thanks to 101 Web Designers’ powerful marketing tools, you can use the same brand building techniques and reporting options as the biggest businesses on the web. Increase your return on investment, build your brand and learn about the preferences and interests of your customers today. If you would like to know more about the email marketing packages we offer at 101 Web Designers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team of advisors will be happy to explain how the tools work and help you pick the right marketing package for your needs.

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