High Performance Dedicated Servers

The Utilization Of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

A hosting service provides the platform for storing information and data that is contained in a website. The information that is stored can then be used to transmit and make available the data to the Internet via a website or a blog when it is called for. Having the data available and on call at a moment’s notice is what consumers and customers want when they are in need of that particular data set.

A dedicated hosting company provides a service where the entire server is leased to a client, meaning that the server will not be shared by anyone else but that particular customer. The benefits of dedicated hosting makes available a decided higher level of performance and speed, better security, better control of email and its stability, and better control overall. Websites that have a very high volume of traffic and storage needs will tend to gravitate towards a hosting solution using dedicated servers.

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101 Web Designers Gives You The Perfect Format

A perfect example of what can be accomplished with a dedicated server setup is the total package found with 101 Web Designers where you have total control of building an online store. Here you have the capability of designing your online store to your specifications, and never having to worry about running out of capacity and memory, while enjoying the most up-to-date technology available anywhere. These are some examples of the flexibility you will enjoy with 101 Web Designers along with the following features:

  • Total WYSIWYG Web Design
  • Marketing Tools – Unmatched in the industry for their effectiveness and ease of use
  • Online productivity tools
  • Dedicated Hosting – The best in the business, at the right prices
  • The Web Design Application

The website builder alone is worth much more than the price quoted, with its drag and drop capability and easy navigation, you need no technical skills to have your website up and operational in mere minutes. It takes the highest level of interactive capability to offer the extremely sophisticated capabilities that you will experience giving you unlimited expansion possibilities for your websites.

  • The Marketing Tools

      • SEO – Let us take your site and rank it at the top of the search engines. We do it all the time, and we will do it for you
      • Content Writer – We develop your content to focus specifically on your product or service and develop it just like the search engines want it, which takes you to the top of the search
      • Email Marketing – There is no question that email is still one of the major marketing methods that gets results, and we are experts.
      • Merchant Services – partnering with some of the world’s largest payment processors, we ensure you that your customers will pay the way they want and be happier in the process
  • The Online Productivity Tools

  • Web Hosting

101 Web Designers Dedicated Servers

Our plans for dedicated servers are unique in their high-end capacity, and very exciting with their pricing, as the pricing is positioned so that anyone can afford them. All of the plans use laser fast processors with up to 16gb of ram, and 20tb of bandwidth. All of our operations are backed by the best 24/7 support in the industry. Once you make your choice as to what server plan you desire, we will have it operational in a very short time frame.

We have a variety of different plans for our dedicated servers from which you can choose the most appropriate plan for your needs.

  • Each Server Plan Includes The Following

      • Rapid setup – FREE
      • FREE $100.00 ad credit for Bing
      • FREE $50.00 ad credit for Facebook
      • 10 Fotolia Credits – FREE
      • Overage protection for bandwidth
      • 3 dedicated IP’s
      • Routers and servers – Best-of –breed
      • TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System
      • Technical support, 24/7 – phone, email, and web-based.

Why Choose 101 Web Designers Servers:

  • Administrative Access: You can install and run anything on the servers
  • Manage multiple sites: You can host multiple web sites on one server account
  • Versatile: A dedicated – virtual private server can be utilized for a wide variety of purposes, which would include gaming, shared hosting, and high traffic, high volume sites.

We invite you to look more deeply into our services, as we believe that you will be overly enthusiastic once you understand the power that we are offering to our customers. With the advanced technology of our Web Designer platform to our dependable hosting power, set-aside just for you, it makes an incredible tandem for your expansive plans, and we will be there to support you every step of the way.

With the fast-paced energy that contemporary marketing uses to move information, it takes up-to-date and sophisticated technology to make it happen. You can rest assure that we will continue to maintain that level of high end operation and  will remain at the forefront in the years to come.

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