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Dedicated Hosting IP

More and more website owners choose to have a dedicated hosting IP these days, because they understand how important it is to maintain a good reputation for their websites and how being hosted on the same server with dodgy sites may be a surefire way to disaster.

What is Dedicated IP Hosting?

An IP address is the online equivalent of your mailing address in the offline world. It helps any internet packets of information find their way to and from your server. Your domain name essentially is what ties that domain to one or more physical IP addresses, with the latter being used to actually route the traffic.

Having your own server can be quite expensive given the cost of the actual hardware and the expensive licenses to many of the control panel software available (like CPanel and Plesk). As a result, most website owners will share the same server with multiple other owners to make these fix costs more affordable. They often will also share the same IP address, with each user getting access to a specific folder or folders on this IP.

With dedicated IP hosting, each user is assigned his or her own unique IP address. As a result, any traffic going to or from this site will look like it is at a separate machine, even if they might even be sharing server space to save money on server costs. Generally only the managers of the server farm know which users are on which machines.

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Advantages of Using Dedicated Hosting IP

Generally speaking, users of dedicated IP hosting will pay a premium over those who share an IP address with other users. There are several reasons for this, all of which stem from the fact that it is widely known that many people will host multiple domains on a single server. This is because most hosting plans offer fixed cost plans that allow you to host many or even unlimited sites on a single domain. Thus, if you are looking for other sites that a particular person might own, one can simply look for what nameservers point to the same IP address for a good guess. However, if you are on a shared IP address, someone might have the incorrect assumption that you own the other sites that share that IP address.

Avoid Being Flagged As An Unsafe Site

You cannot control what others are doing on your IP address when it is shared. For instance, hackers could be be using their sites on your shared IP address to distribute malicious code to hack into home computers and steal personal information. As some point, some security company is going to figure this out and flag that site as one that should be avoided.

However, since they know that many hackers will just change the domain name and start all over, they will flag the entire IP address as unsafe, just to make sure they flag future attacks as well. Someone using a security program such as World Of Trust might then have your IP address added to their blacklist and warned not to visit the site because of a risk of malicious code. As a result, you could be losing a significant amount of traffic. The same can happen if someone is using their sites for email spam, and your IP address could be blacklisted at a spammer preventing your emails from getting through filters.

Avoid Access to Your Website Being Banned

It could get even worse. There are tons of illegal download and child porn sites out there. Many countries or internet service providers will place these sites on ban lists. These lists could be broken down by domain name, or even IP address as discussed in the previous paragraph. If that happens then someone might not even be able to access your site.

Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The most common use for a dedicated hosting IP is SEO. Many people have learned that the best way of increasing your rankings is to have more links pointing to your site. You cannot necessarily control the links others make to your site; however you can build them yourself. Blog farms or blog networks are self-hosted networks of domains used to create links back to one’s own page to increase rankings.

If you place these links on the same site, that creates a footprint with the search engines who will likely assume that you are trying to manipulate the system. By keeping the IP addresses of each site separate, you prevent Google from finding out about your linking scheme. It is also believed by SEOs that just having your main site on a dedicated IP is good just to prevent getting hurt in the rankings if someone else is using a blog farm or search engine spam site on your same IP.

Get an SSL Certificate

A dedicated IP address allows you to generate a dedicated SSL certificate for that IP with any of a number of security providers such as Verisign. This allows customers to know that any information coming from this site is definitely yours and dramatically increases site security. SSL security certificates are a must for anyone using an e-commerce store to collect private information such as credit cards.

Get Your Dedicated IP Address Today

With all the risks associated with sharing an IP address with someone you do not know, can you really afford to not get a dedicated IP address? The better security and piece of mind associated with a dedicated IP address make this an investment that you need to seriously consider making to preserve your brand’s reputation. To get your dedicated IP hosting call us as 101 Web Designers today!

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